Bobblehead Joe From The Office

In the attic of his Montclair, NJ home, Joe Zeff started in 2000. During a time when freelancers were swarming art directors with glossy postcards, Joe looked for ways to make his wares stand out. One of the first projects was a custom bobblehead for a friend’s recreational hockey team. The bobblehead featured a glow-in-the-dark skull with a three-cornered hat bobbed on the body of a hockey player.

After a number of requests, Boston Red Sox manager Jarinko decided to create a bobblehead for Joe Davis. The bobblehead features the famous pitcher preparing a homemade sausage link. This bobblehead also includes a baseball. The Red Sox will distribute this bobblehead to fans during their opening homestand. Fans will have a chance to collect and display this bobblehead, which is made to look just like Big Joe.

Bobbleheads of The Office characters can make co-workers’ days more fun. The iconic characters can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Angela gave Dwight a bobblehead of himself in Season 2.