How to Market Bobblehead Brands

bobblehead brands

There are many ways to promote a brand using bobbleheads. Providing clients and customers with personalized bobbleheads will encourage them to collect them and spread the word about your business. The bobblehead dolls are especially useful at business conventions and when meeting prospective clients. They are a great way to get a person’s attention and help the brand stay in the customer’s mind. Below are a few tips that will help you market your brand with bobbleheads.

Comic Book Bobbleheads. If you love comic books, comics, and movies, you’ll love these figures. Many of your favorite characters from the Marvel universe can be found in bobblehead form. Spider-Man bobbleheads look like perfect 3D versions of the characters they represent. Other popular bobbleheads include Ghostbusters, Iron Man, and Wonder Woman. These figures are great ways to express your personality while providing an instant gratification.

Bobbleheads can be made of different materials. Some materials are flexible and durable. Using a soft rubber, non-toxic paint, and fabric dyes can make them durable and waterproof. Adding a little bit of glitter can give your bobblehead the perfect finish. If you’re looking for a specific sports team, look no further than the MLB or NFL teams. These products have an incredible amount of popularity and are perfect for any celebration. You can even get a bobblehead that resembles your favorite athlete.

While some of these items are purely decorative, others are designed for specific reasons. For example, some sports teams release bobbleheads to celebrate milestones. These can include a player’s first bobblehead as a pro or becoming an official member of the Hall of Fame. Other sports have relics and signed versions of famous athletes. The more popular the player, the more popular he or she will be in the market.